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If you want to lose body fat, get stronger, get leaner, and finally build the body of your dreams, then this program is for you







Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting the official DBX3 site, home of the breakthrough system designed for rapid, functional fat loss. My name is Matt Basso, and I’m a high-level strength and conditioning specialist, personal trainer, and fitness writer based out of New York.

Matt Basso, personal trainer and author of the DBX3 program

My wellness company, Iron Lotus PT, has been providing personal training, nutrition consulting, healthy recipes and meal plans to our exclusive clientele for over 10 years—and now, we want to bring those services to the masses.

If you’re interested in turning your body into a fat burning machine, then the following information is very important to you.

I’ve developed a ground breaking fat loss system called DBX3—The Functional Fat Loss Solution. This program has been specifically designed to help busy people manage their exercise and nutrition in order to achieve amazing results as quickly as possible.

You see, while most fat loss programs are good in theory, they are not realistic in terms of application—clients can’t follow them correctly, and so they don’t work. And as they say, the best program that you don’t do is worthless.

That’s how DBX3 is different: the program is designed in a way that allows you to completely take control of things and do things on YOUR terms. It’s preloaded with workouts, videos and meal plans that you can access anywhere—even on your mobile device.

But it’s not just about shiny packaging—my functional fat loss progressions are scientifically proven strategies combined with THOUSANDS of hours of training experience.

In fact, the DBX3 system is regularly used by some of our Iron Lotus clients—medical doctors in the fields of weight loss, cardiology, and orthopedic surgery.

Dr. Joanna Dolgoff, weight loss specialist

Matt’s DBX3 Functional Fat Loss Program is easy to understand and even easier to implement into your life.

The exercise techniques that are used throughout program are unique and effective. I refer my patients to Matt and his training strategies all the time.

If you want to lose body fat and get healthy this is the program for you!

Dr. Sean Levchuck, Cardiologist…

Matt understands how to implement training programs that are safe and effective for people of all ages.

Even with my busy schedule, I’m able to stay on track and use the DBX3 system to stay both fit and healthy.

I would recommend his training philosophies to anyone who wants to not only look better but feel better as well.


The careful creation of the DBX3 Functional Fat Loss Solution

The DBX3 program is the culmination of more than 12 years of both study and practice, with 10,000+ hours of one-on-one personal training experience and countless hours of continuing education and research in all fields related to strength and conditioning.

Functional Fat Loss Science Class

We’ve come a long way in terms of our understanding about how the human body works; however, unless you’re actually training people every day, it’s difficult to identify what the best process is for getting FAST and PERMANENT Fat Loss.

Every single day, I see people using out dated information in an effort to achieve their health and fitness goals. They’re spinning wheels, putting in effort, and getting nothing in return. This is simply because they are using the wrong approach.

BUT…if you use scientifically validated training methodologies—instead of those passed down from meathead to meathead in gyms, or ripped from the pages of BS fitness magazines—fat loss becomes easier than you can imagine.

Let’s go over a few fat loss facts to help clear things up.

FAT LOSS FACT #1: Archaic training modalities like cardio are simply obsolete. Spending hours on the elliptical machine isn’t the most effective way to lose body fat—your heart rate reaches what’s called steady state (elevated slightly) and then it drops down to normal shortly after you finish. This means that you’re burning a few calories during your exercise, but NONE after. This severely limits your ability to burn fat throughout the day.
FAT LOSS FACT #2: Weight training is better than cardio…but still not perfect. It can’t be denied that when it comes to both building strength and burning fat, training with weights has an edge over cardio. Not only will you burn more calories, but you’ll also increase muscle mass, which raises your basal metabolic rate permanently. That said, traditional weight training has limitations. While you do increase your metabolism, you’re going to move too slowly to elevate your heart maximally. As a result, you’re leaving a lot of fat loss on the table.

FAT LOSS FACT #3: The ANSWER is Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT). This is a fancy term for mixing resistance training with cardio; essentially, performing weight training in a fast-paced circuit fashion, allowing for all of the benefits of weights with none of the drawbacks of cardio. You’ll use awesome tools like dumbbells, barbells, and resistance bands instead of lame ones like treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes.

Metabolic resistance training helps you to burn fat and increase your metabolic rate for hours after your workout. This is a result of something called EPOC, which stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

As the name implies, EPOC refers to your body’s increased rate of oxygen consumption after strenuous activity. This means when you use rapid resistance training with weights and achieve higher heart rates that vary, you are taxing your body more and therefore making it work harder (consume more oxygen for repair) for hours after your workout. This increases your bodies’ ability to metabolize fat and make you leaner.

Many fitness programs that are out on the market now try to utilize metabolic resistance training; however those programs don’t address the basic strength needs that are required to perform rapid, minimal rest intervals with weights. This is unfavorable for the trainee because it leaves them either unable to perform the exercises necessary to burn fat, or in a compromised position with a weak core, and unstable joints, making them a prime target for injury.

DBX3 addresses and SOLVES all of these problems.

In DBX3 the first phase is a functional fat loss strength building phase. This phase helps you build strength and burn fat all while getting your body prepared for the subsequent phases

EXERCISE FACT: You need to address StrengthConditioning, and Nutrition in order to limit the variables that make it difficult for you to burn fat and get fit. Most fitness programs only address one or two aspects of training. That’s simply not enough. Too many variables exist in your daily life that can offset your training. You need to have the ability to utilize all dynamics of training.

In the DBX3 functional fat loss program you get strength workouts, metabolic resistance workouts, conditioning videos to reference and nutrition information (with meal plans INCLUDED) so you can guarantee yourself results!

EXERCISE FACT: Tempo of exercise along with exercise choice and progression are important to functional fat loss. That’s why I’ve included awesome original music that can help to not only motivate you, but also pace and vary your movement tempo and put your body in an ideal fat burning state.

Matt’s training progressions are intense and effective. The workouts in the DBX3 program always challenge me. You will see results immediately, which encourages you to continue through the program. Every part of your body is going to get worked. Get started today!

-Aubrey W

medical assistant

I’ve been training for years and Matt’s DBX3 program has changed the way I view exercise. The workouts in combination with the meal programs have allowed me to cut my body fat down significantly while maintain energy and muscle. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to get fit and healthy!

–Mark M

portfolio manager

Before I started the DBX3 program I found it hard to quit smoking, I had low endurance and more body fat. Matt’s DBX3 program has made it clear what exercises I need to be doing to feel and look great. I was always very athletic and I feel that strength and power in my body again.

-Charlie L


What you get

On a daily basis I see people of all ages and populations frustrated with exercise. When I train somebody and others have an opportunity to see the changes, I get asked “HOW?” It’s like clockwork. People see me executing training programs and want to know what they should be doing. And I want to help them—which is why I’ve released DBX3

I’ve tweaked and tested my training methodologies with hundreds people. In every case, goals were met and amazing results were reached. The DBX3 Functional Fat Loss Program teaches progression and phase cycling so you can challenge your body, adapt and see results, and then enter a new phase to get even better results.

For the limited time offer of $59.95, you get…

The DBX3 Functional Fat Loss Program: 
You get 60 workouts that include strength and core workouts, metabolic resistance workouts, recovery workouts and HIIT  (high intensity interval training) workouts The program has a calendar and links to videos of every exercise that appears in the program.
$2,000 Value, included in package!

Three DBX3 Functional Fat Loss Conditioning Videos: 
Three videos that you can either follow along with or watch in order to understand kettlebell swings and body weight fat loss conditioning exercises.
$250 Value, included in package!

The DBX3 Functional Fat Loss Video Guide: 
If you cannot view the videos because you are not around a computer or an internet connection, but you want to use the DBX3 music and conditioning exercises, you can refer to this quick reference guide which has all the exercises that appear in the videos clearly listed.
$29 Value, included in package!

The DBX3 Monster Mix:
Everybody needs motivation to workout and it just so happens that tempo can be an important factor in fat loss. For this reason I’ve included original music in the functional fat loss conditioning videos. The music gets you pumped, motivated, and keeps you moving to a beat and tempo that is ideal for fat loss.

$29 Value, included in package!

The DBX3 Program Quick Start Guide: 
This easy to read guide helps you to understand the program theory, how to get started, the phases of the program, and what to expect.
Invaluable, included in package!

The DBX3 Program Tracker:
 You can log every workout you execute and take specific notes on each day’s routine. All the exercises are listed clearly with space to fill in Reps, Sets, Weight used and Notes.
$99 Value, included in package!

The DBX3 Nutrition Guide: 
An easy to read and understand nutrition guide that outlines diet concepts, supplementation, nutrient combinations, eating tactics like small meals throughout the day or intermittent fasting, and even actual meal plans that have helped my exclusive clientele turn their bodies into fat burning machines.

$250 Value, included in package!

The DBX3 Results Tracker: 
The results tracker helps you understand where you are starting so you can clearly see where you want to go.  Take note of important body stats and measurements so you can track changes and work on specifics.
$99 Value, included in package!

When you buy the DBX3 Functional Fat Loss Program you join a community of people who want the same great results you want. Don’t miss out on a program that works and works fast.

When you get 60 workouts and meal templates you are going to get positive results. All you need to do is take action!

My DBX3 program has built in motivation with a results tracker that forces you to understand your goals and music that helps to get you moving.

You get follow along and reference videos downloaded with the program, as well as links to videos that are on my site to clearly explain what you need to do to be successful. I’ve made it very easy for you to follow.

You’re a click away from getting information that you can use immediately.

The DBX3 Functional Fat Loss Program works because it’s based on the philosophy that exercise and nutrition need to be functionally integrated into your life.

Simply click below to get started NOW!

P.S. You need to act now! I’ve included so much valuable information for such a competitive price that the price will be going up very soon.

Order now so you don’t miss out on this great deal.

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NOTE: The DBX3 Functional Fat Loss Program is a downloadable e-program. No physical products need to be shipped. As soon as you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the program, the videos, and all the other awesome e-books that are included. Everything that you order can be viewed on either a PC or a Mac.